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About us

About us


Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers, LLC. is a grower owned processor and marketer of California walnuts. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality walnuts available.

SVWG was founded on the idea of bringing together a small group of successful walnut growers to present you with the highest quality walnuts. Our walnuts come from our growers’ own orchards so our commitment to you begins in the field. Being owned by growers allows SVWG to ensure quality from the orchard to the box.

Establishing a walnut orchard takes time and nurturing. We apply the same approach to develop lasting customer relationships. Our growers are committed for the long-term and so is SVWG.


The mission to provide quality products is executed by a group of qualified and dedicated employees. Whether it’s operations, sales or logistics - our aim is to provide excellent customer service and flexibility to meet your needs.
about_ourFacility-vertLogoOur state of the art facility is located in one of the largest walnut producing areas in California. We are located in the Sacramento Valley, just south of Yuba City.

The production facility has been designed and built with state of the art equipment that enables us to operate with maximum efficiency. Our kernel business is supported by rotary crackers, a system of aspirators and the latest laser sorting technology. This investment in quality equipment allows us to deliver quality product by removing shell, fiber and meal. Visual inspection of kernels occurs in our temperature controlled clean room.

Our specific focus on walnuts minimizes cross contamination and allergen issues.

We are equipped with ample warehousing capacity and USDA certified fumigation chambers. On-site cold storage ensures product is held at proper temperature and humidity to maintain optimum quality.

A fully equipped laboratory allows for timely chemical and microbiological testing of finished product before shipment and supports a robust environmental monitoring program.

Our commitment to quality begins in the orchard and extends throughout processing.

Product traceability is enhanced by tight product sourcing from our grower-owners and tracked at each stage of processing. Our tight controls and product monitoring ensure consistent quality and adherence to customer specifications.

High spec products with low foreign material allowances are achieved through use of the latest laser sorting technology. Our dual laser and optical sorting capabilities allow us to sort for color and removal of shell to meet your quality specifications and shipment timeframes.

Our food safety program goes beyond product traceability to encompass a full GMP and HAACP program that includes sanitation, pest control and third party audits. A certificate of analysis is provided for all shipments. Our aim is to be on the forefront when it comes to food safety programs and share our expertise with our customers.

You can source your walnuts from Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers with confidence.


All walnuts are 100% visually inspected in our clean room on stainless steel tables.