Our Products

Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers specialize in the following inshell packs:ourProducts_inshell-2


Pack Size:
50 lb. (22.6 kg.)
25 kg. (55 lb.)

Our Inshell walnuts are natural condition and packed in sacks.

product_kernals-1Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers specialize in the following kernel packs:product_kernals-2

85% Light Halves
40% Light Halves and Pieces
20% Light Halves and Pieces
Light Large Pieces
Light Medium Pieces
Light Small Pieces
Combination Halves and Pieces
Combination Large Pieces
Combination Medium Pieces
Combination Small Pieces
Topping Pieces

All products are Kosher Certified.

We also pack to customer specifications as requested.

Pack Size:
22 lb. (9.97 kg.)
25 lb. (11.34 kg.)
30 lb. (13.60 kg.)
1,000 lb. - 2,200 lb. (453-997 kg.)


Our walnut kernels are packed in durable cardboard boxes that are lined with polyurethane bags to ensure quality and freshness on domestic and export shipments. Vacuum pack with a nitrogen flush and pasteurization are available upon request.