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Our Products

Our Products

ourProducts_inshell-1Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers specialize in the following inshell packs:ourProducts_inshell-2

• Chandler
• Howard
• Tulare
• Serr
• Vina

Pack Size:
50 lb. (22.6 kg.)
25 kg. (55 lb.)

Our Inshell walnuts are natural condition and packed in sacks.


product_kernals-1Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers specialize in the following kernel packs:product_kernals-2

• 85% Light Halves
• 40% Light Halves and Pieces
• 20% Light Halves and Pieces
• Light Large Pieces
• Light Medium Pieces
• Light Small Pieces
• Combination Halves and Pieces
• Combination Large Pieces
• Combination Medium Pieces
• Combination Small Pieces
• Topping Pieces

All products are Kosher Certified.

We also pack to customer specifications as requested.

Pack Size:
22 lb. (9.97 kg.)
25 lb. (11.34 kg.)
30 lb. (13.60 kg.)
1,000 lb. - 2,200 lb. (453-997 kg.)


Our walnut kernels are packed in durable cardboard boxes that are lined with polyurethane bags to ensure quality and freshness on domestic and export shipments. Vacuum pack with a nitrogen flush is available upon request.